When are BI Tools Enough?

Dan Gray



Our world is flooded with data, and despite our second guessing it’s actually more structured than we often like to admit. Certainly in the business world; its a rarity to find completely unstructured, poorly defined, or error-ridden datasets. Yet we tend to fall suspect to this notion, perhaps only because we don’t allow for investigation or interpretation in the course of our work.

Human comprehension will never be enough to process the flood of information generated each day but with selective focus we may perhaps aim for something simpler; facilitating curiosity and exploration.

Business Intelligence tools (Tableau, Power BI and dozens more) are well suited to dealing with relatively well-prepared data - their internal logic frees up the analyst to “connect the dots” and answer all but the most advanced questions.

In these cases we can readily set our Python, R and SQL code aside and rather interact directly the data-elements and build reports which embed understanding.


A small Power BI report querying the IUCN’s Red List***

Data Source

The data underlying the static report can be found here.

Video Demonstration

Here is a short video walkthrough of the report.